The HOLLAND ATLAS iM Landing Gear with its increased side load and  lift capacity makes it an ideal solution for intermodal container chassis trailers. 

Technical data



Lift capacity:  65,000 lbs. (approx. 29,500 kg) at 100 ft.-lbs. (135 Nm) input torque
Ultimate load capacity: 170,000 lbs. (approx. 77,100 kg)
Side-Load Capacity: 34,000 lbs. (approx. 15,400 kg)
Gear Ratios vs. Turns Per Inch: Low Gear = 38.6, High Gear = 4.5


Product information

The HOLLAND ATLAS iM Landing Gear is built with the increased side load durability and lifting capacity required to stand up to the demanding rigors of intermodal container chassis trailer applications. 

The ATLAS iM Landing Gear features: 

  • Exclusive FloatingNut™  with Twin Bulkhead construction 

  • High-strength ductile iron gears 

  • Black Armour® Corrosion Protection 

  • Standard 5-Year Warranty and Optional 10-Year NoLube™ Extended Guarantee 

  • Large heavy-duty tapered 10-hole mounting plate 

  • Optional Removable Cushion Foot (RCF) 

  • Exceeds all AAR M-931 and all TTMA RP-4 performance specifications 

Recommended use


NoLube™ Learn more
FloatingNut™ Learn more
Black Armour® Corrosion Protection Learn more
NoLube™ Learn more
FloatingNut™ Learn more
Black Armour® Corrosion Protection Learn more


ATLAS Series Landing Gear Product Enhancements
PDF / 544.37 KB
Speed Crank Brochure
PDF / 291.75 KB
Owner´s Manual - Landing Gear - SAF Titan / Titan Pro · SAF Atlas · SAF Drop Leg
PDF / 957.83 KB
Price List: Spare Parts
XLS / 718.00 KB
Important Info - Galvanizing Option for HOLLAND Landing Gear Atlas 55, Atlas 65 & Atlas iM No Longer Available
PDF / 597.84 KB
Intermodal Solutions for Tractors and Trailers
PDF / 1.37 MB
HOLLAND Landing Gear Original Parts Catalog
PDF / 23.59 MB
Landing Gear Troubleshooting Guide
PDF / 478.46 KB
Landing Gear - LIFETIME - HOLLAND Landing Gear Warranty Certificate
PDF / 475.43 KB
Important Info - HOLLAND TrueLube Landing Gear Grease Product Enhancement Notice
PDF / 711.75 KB
Atlas 55, 65 and iM Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
PDF / 2.20 MB
True Lube Landing Gear Grease Sales Flyer
PDF / 1.09 MB
HOLLAND MARK V and ATLAS models New Serial Tag Location Important Information Bulletin
PDF / 215.43 KB
HOLLAND Landing Gear - Crank Handle Warning Decal Important Information Bulletin
PDF / 245.88 KB
SAF HOLLAND Black Armour Sales Literature
PDF / 792.31 KB

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