The V.ORLANDI OC45R series is a Ø 45 mm screwable drawbar eye, which is designed for steering drawbar trailers. This drawbar eye is made in accordance with CUNA 438-55 standard.  

Technical data



Flange size: Square bracket 90x90 mm or round bracket Ø 80 mm
D-Value: 250 kN
S-Load (Mass load):  
Weight: 9.5 - 12.8 kg
Homologation: ECE R55
Drawbar eye standard: CUNA 438-55


Product information

The V.ORLANDI OC45R drawbar eye series allows at least ± 85° steering angle and ± 20° vertical oscillation if coupled with a CUNA 138-55 standard coupling.  This drawbar eye must be mounted using squared bracket (V.ORLANDI part number RO00038) or round bracket (V.ORLANDI part number RO00036) welded on the trailer and can be replaced by removing the nut. 

The main features consist of the following: 

  • Range of drawbar eyes is available for specific applications for the Italian market in accordance with CUNA 438-55 standard 

  • Forged drawbar eyes, durable and strong without risk for cracks and defects in material 

  • Long service life wear bushings, easily replaceable if required 


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Technical Data V.Orlandi OC45R
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Technical Data V.Orlandi OC45R
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Technical Data V.Orlandi OC45R
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