The HOLLAND DB-1238 Rigid-Mount, Bolt-On, Rectangular Shank Drawbar is designed for trailer and semi-double trailer towing applications. 2.5” and 3” eye I.D. models available.

Technical data



Max. Vertical Load: 4,500 lbs. (2,041 kg)
Max. Gross Trailer Weight: 22,000 lbs. (9,979 kg)
Drawbar Eye Dimensions: 3” I.D. with 1.63” diameter section
Weight: 26 lbs. (11.79 kg)


Product information

The HOLLAND DB-1238 Bolt-On, Rectangular Shank Drawbar is used on straight tongue or hinged tongue trailers and semi-double trailers. For severe off-road applications, reduce published capacities by 25% and use with swivel-mount coupling.

The DB-1238 Drawbar features:

  • Forged, heat treated one piece steel
  • Eye I.D. induction hardened for wear resistance
  • 2.5” Eye I.D. model available (DB-1228-1)
  • Tested in accordance with SAE J847
  • Black Armour Corrosion Protection


Black Armour® Corrosion Protection Learn more
Black Armour® Corrosion Protection Learn more


Drawbar Gauge Owner's Manual
PDF / 928.61 KB
Owners Manual / DB-1228-1, DB-1238, DB-1235-1, DB-1235-3, DB-1245-1
PDF / 1.88 MB
HOLLAND Coupling Products Warranty US & Canada
PDF / 96.35 KB
HOLLAND Ground Support Equipment Selection Guide Brochure
PDF / 1.94 MB
HOLLAND Coupling Products Selection Guide
PDF / 16.39 MB

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