The SAF TRAKe uses recuperation to recover energy and provides traction support through the powerful electric motor. More traction and stability, for example in construction site traffic.

The axle can be combined with INTRA or MODUL air suspension.

Technical data



Axle load: 9 t INTRA , 10 t MODUL
Track width: 2040 / 2090 / 2140 mm
Brakes: 19.5” / 22.5”
Offset: Offset 120 / single
Tyre configuration: e.g. 385/65R22.5" / e.g. 425/55R19.5"
Gearbox: 1-speed with differential
Gear ratio i=1:12.08
E-machine: Liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous machine (PSM)
Max. Power: 
120 kW peak power 
60 kW continuous power
Max. torque: 
320 Nm -> 1.933 Nm per wheel


Product information

SAF TRAKe: Electric recuperation and traction assistance. More power through additional e-drive.
In addition to recuperation for power generation, the SAF TRAKe works with a more powerful high-voltage e-machine with higher output. With this additional power, the SAF TRAKe participates in the drive work and supports the main engine during starting and acceleration.
Particularly in demanding road conditions and on inclines, the SAF TRAKe provides more traction and stability for the semitrailer and provides valuable assistance, for example in construction site traffic.

The main features of the SAF TRAKr are:

  • Auxiliary drive in the system
  • Standardized system: identical in construction to standard axles
  • Retrofitting: Retrofitting possible
  • Independent from trailer manufacturer
  • Standard wear parts for simplified spare parts supply
  • Simple maintenance: Maintenance of tires, wheel heads and brakes without dismantling the system
  • Reduction of background noise while driving
  • More efficiency through reduced loading and idle times
  • Driver-friendly and easy to operate

Recommended use:

  • Cooler
  • Silo
  • Moving Floor
  • Lifting platform
  • Transportable e-forklift


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Product Overview - E-axle family
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