The HOLLAND FW0100 Fifth Wheel is specifically designed to meet the requirements of severe-duty hauling applications. The FW0100 cast steel top plate is a proven solution for high-capacity vertical load requirements found in severe-duty on/off road hauling applications, such as mining, quarry, and heavy haul operations.

Technical data



Maximum Vertical Load 100,000 lbs. (45,000 kg)
Maximum Drawbar Pull 200,000 lbs. (91,000 kg)
Kingpin Size 3.5”


Product information

The HOLLAND FW0100 Fifth Wheel design features robust cast steel construction with a stationary mounting base. The FW0100 Fifth Wheel excels in demanding, off-road hauling conditions.

The FW0100 Fifth Wheel features:

  • Infinite lock adjustment
  • 3.5” Kingpin lock
  • Manual secondary lock
  • Durable stationary mounting system
  • Optional air release lock mechanism
  • Forged, machined and heat-treated steel lock jaw


Air Release Learn more
Air Release Learn more


Fifth Wheel Selection Guide
PDF / 25.79 MB
Retirement Notice for FW0100, FW0165 and FW2080 with 2 inch Kingpins
PDF / 145.90 KB

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