The HOLLAND FW35TT Fifth Wheel is the industry’s strongest, fastest and most reliable wheel for terminal tractor applications. The FW35TT has been specifically designed for terminal tractor yard spotting applications.

Technical data



Maximum Vertical Load 80,000 lbs. (36,000 kg)
Kingpin Size 2”


Product information

The HOLLAND FW35TT Fifth Wheel features the reliability and the durability required to meet the demands of the repetitive coupling environment found in terminal tractor operations.

The FW35TT Fifth Wheel features:

  • TwinLock™ mechanism design for unmatched coupling reliability
  • Integrated automatic secondary lock
  • Lock-down mode for added coupling security
  • Easy and quick lock set replacement
  • NoLube™ articulation pocket liners
  • High strength cast steel alloy with increased plate face thickness
  • Strategically strength enhanced top plate rib structure
  • Standard air release lock mechanism


TwinLock ™ Mechanism Design Learn more
Lock-Down Mode Learn more
TwinLock ™ Mechanism Design Learn more
Lock-Down Mode Learn more


Produktübersicht: Sattelkupplungen, Königszapfen, Verschiebeeinrichtungen und Zubehör
PDF / 1.36 MB
Spec'ing The Right Fifth Wheel
PDF / 1.67 MB
D-Wert Berechnung - Sattelkupplung und Zugsattelzapfen
PDF / 2.44 MB
SAF-HOLLAND Original Parts F2B Fifth Wheel Rebuild Kit Brochure
PDF / 2.15 MB
Pocket Insert Replacement - Terminal Tractor Fifth Wheels
PDF / 346.47 KB
Intermodal Solutions for Tractors and Trailers
PDF / 1.37 MB
Fifth Wheel Selection Guide
PDF / 25.79 MB

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