The  HOLLAND SK-S V22 slider is developed for an imposed load of 22 t

Technical data



Total Slider Travel: 630 mm
Imposed Load: 22,000 kg
Overall heights: 45 mm
D-Value: 162.4 kN
ECE Test no.: E11 55R-01 0386


Product information

The HOLLAND SK-S V22 slider is designed for an optimal utilization of permissible axle load and vehicle length.

The main features are:

  • Easy mounting on sub frame bracket of vehicle frame
  • Automatic, backlash-free locking - automatic adjustment
  • Safe and easy single hand operation 
  • Preselect ability of the saddle point

Approved for forced steering


Produktübersicht: Sattelkupplungen, Königszapfen, Verschiebeeinrichtungen und Zubehör
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Product Overview: Fifth Wheels and King Pins
PDF / 1.16 MB
Spec'ing The Right Fifth Wheel
PDF / 1.67 MB
D-Value Calculation - Fifth Wheels and Kingpin
PDF / 2.45 MB
Interesting Facts - Fifth Wheels
PDF / 2.90 MB
CATALOGUE: Original SAF-HOLLAND Spare Parts & Components
PDF / 11.61 MB
Produktübersicht: Sattelkupplungen und Königszapfen
PDF / 1.17 MB
Product Overview: Fifth Wheels and King Pins
PDF / 1.45 MB

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