The V.ORLANDI OC40W series is a Ø 40 mm weldable drawbar eye, which is designed for steered drawbar trailers and central axle trailers. This drawbar eye is homologated according to ADR & ECE R55 standard.  

Technical data



Flange size: -
D-Value: 125 kN
DC-Value: 60 - 66 kN
S-Load (Mass load): 900 - 1000 kg
V-Value: 20 kN
Weight: 7.5 – 8 kg
Homologation: CRN 50511; ECE R55 (Class S)
Drawbar eye standard: DIN 74054; ECE R55 (Class S)


Product information

The V.ORLANDI OC40W drawbar eye series allows at least 90° steering angle and ± 20° vertical oscillation if coupled with a DIN 74051 standard coupling.  

The main features consist of the following: 

  • Homologated according to ADR & ECE-R55 standard as class “S” in accordance with DIN 74054

  • Forged drawbar eye, strong and durable without risk of cracks and defects in the material 

  • Long service life wear bushings, easily replaceable if required 

  • This drawbar eye can be mounted on the trailer by welding

Recommended use


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