The V.ORLANDI OC50W series is a Ø 50 mm weldable drawbar eye, which is designed for steered drawbar trailers and central axle trailers. This drawbar eye is homologated according to ADR & ECE R55 standard. This drawbar eyes are available for standard and heavy-duty applications.  

Technical data



Flange size:  
D-Value: 190 – 400 kN 
DC-Value: 90 kN
S-Load (Mass load): 1000 kg
V-Value: 30 kN 
Weight: 10.7 – 29 kg
Homologation: CRN 37469; CRN 37468; CRN 46332;
ECE R55 (Class D50, S)
Drawbar eye standard: DIN 74054;
ECE R55 (Class D50, S);
CUNA 438-55;
ECE R55 (Class S)


Product information

The V.ORLANDI OC50W drawbar eye series allows at least: 

  •  ± 90° steering angle and ± 20° vertical oscillation if coupled with a ECE R55 class “C50” standard coupling in accordance with DIN 74052 standard coupling.   


  • ± 95° steering angle and ± 22° vertical oscillation if coupled with a coupling in accordance with CUNA 138-55 cl. VII standard. 

This series is homologated according to ADR & ECE-R55 standard as class “D50” or “S” in accordance with DIN 74054 or CUNA 438-55 cl. VII.  

These drawbar eyes are forged in a controlled process that makes the steel durable and strong while also eliminating the risk of cracks or defects in the material. 

The wear bushings have a long service life and can be easily replaced using a hydraulic press.  

This drawbar eye can be mounted on the trailer by welding. 

Recommended use


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