The York Precision System (YORK YPS) is an improvement technology for the various bearing sizes fitted to trailer and truck axles. The System increases the bearing life and offers a quick system to set the correct bearing pre-load in all conditions.

Technical data



York Spindle Nut: Available various Tread diameters:
  3.48 / 2.5 / 3.5” Spindle Tread
Bearing applications:  Bearing Size - Numbers:
  HM581445 / HM518410
  HM212049 / HM212011
  33213 Bearing
  HM218248 / HM218210
Pre- Loaded Tool: Screw-on Hydraulic Tool system fitted to spindle
– for applicable bearing and tread sizes


Product information

The York Precision System offers the following product features:  

  • Control of wheel bearing pre- Load setting adjustment at all time

  • Precision special locknut system fitted to spindle shaft for easy locking and setting

  • Positive ratchet type locking retainer ring to secure spindle nut

  • Increases Bearing and hub life and reduces maintenance cost and service intervals  

  • Can increase lifetime of up to 40% on bearings lifespan 

Recommended use


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