The HOLLAND ATLAS 65 Landing Gear is built to meet the demands of trailer applications that require increased lift and side load capacity. 

Technical data



Lift capacity:  65,000 lbs. (approx. 29,500 kg) at 100 ft.-lbs. (135 Nm) input torque
Ultimate load capacity: 170,000 lbs. (approx. 77,100 kg)
Side-Load Capacity: 34,000 lbs. (approx. 15,400 kg)
Gear Ratios vs. Turns Per Inch: Low Gear = 38.6, High Gear = 4.5


Product information

The HOLLAND ATLAS 65 Landing Gear for smooth operation, increased lifting performance and added durability to resist damage from excessive side-load forces. 

The ATLAS 65 Landing Gear features: 

  • Exclusive FloatingNut™ with Twin Bulkhead construction 

  • High-strength ductile iron gears 

  • Black Armour® Corrosion Protection 

  • Standard 5-Year Warranty and Optional 10-Year NoLube™ Extended Guarantee 

  • Large heavy-duty tapered 10-hole mounting plate 

  • Optional Removable Cushion Foot (RCF) 

  • Exceeds all AAR M-931 and all TTMA RP-4 performance specifications 

Recommended use


NoLube™ Learn more
FloatingNut™ Learn more
Black Armour® Corrosion Protection Learn more
NoLube™ Learn more
FloatingNut™ Learn more
Black Armour® Corrosion Protection Learn more


ATLAS Series Landing Gear Product Enhancements
PDF / 544.37 KB
ATLAS Series Sales Literature
PDF / 998.58 KB
SAF-HOLLAND Original Parts F2B Landing Gear Rebuild Kit Brochure
PDF / 1.64 MB
Installation Instructions Atlas 55/65
PDF / 180.92 KB
Speed Crank Brochure
PDF / 291.75 KB
Owner´s Manual - Landing Gear - SAF Titan / Titan Pro · SAF Atlas · SAF Drop Leg
PDF / 957.83 KB
Owner´s Manual - Landing Gear
PDF / 957.83 KB
Betriebsanleitung - SAF Titan / Titan Pro · SAF Atlas · SAF Fallstütze
PDF / 1,015.14 KB
Betriebsanleitung - SAF Titan / Titan Pro · SAF Atlas · SAF Classic
PDF / 1,015.14 KB
Price List: Spare Parts
XLS / 718.00 KB
Important Info - Galvanizing Option for HOLLAND Landing Gear Atlas 55, Atlas 65 & Atlas iM No Longer Available
PDF / 597.84 KB
HOLLAND Landing Gear Original Parts Catalog
PDF / 23.59 MB
Landing Gear Troubleshooting Guide
PDF / 478.46 KB
Landing Gear - LIFETIME - HOLLAND Landing Gear Warranty Certificate
PDF / 475.43 KB
HOLLAND Landing Gear Product Line Consolidation - Important Info January 2012
PDF / 95.43 KB
Important Info - HOLLAND TrueLube Landing Gear Grease Product Enhancement Notice
PDF / 711.75 KB
Atlas 55, 65 and iM Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
PDF / 2.20 MB
True Lube Landing Gear Grease Sales Flyer
PDF / 1.09 MB
HOLLAND MARK V and ATLAS models New Serial Tag Location Important Information Bulletin
PDF / 215.43 KB
HOLLAND Landing Gear - Crank Handle Warning Decal Important Information Bulletin
PDF / 245.88 KB

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