The HOLLAND FW17 is a lightweight Fifth Wheel for on-highway applications. The FW17 utilizes proven ductile iron technology for exceptional performance and outstanding fatigue characteristics.

Technical data



Maximum Vertical Load 50,000 lbs. (22,700 kg)
Maximum Drawbar Pull 150,000 lbs. (68,000 kg)
Kingpin Size 2”


Product information

The HOLLAND FW17 Fifth Wheel Assembly is the lightweight solution for on-highway hauling applications. Slider and stationary mounting bracket assembly configurations are available to meet your fleet’s application requirements.

The FW17 Fifth Wheel Assembly features:

  • Wide throat design for easier coupling
  • Replaceable front lock insert
  • Simple and fast lock adjustment
  • NoLube™ articulation pocket liners
  • Multiple stationary and sliding mount assembly options
  • Optional air release lock mechanism

Recommended use


Air Release Learn more
Air Release Learn more


SAF-HOLLAND Original Parts F2B Fifth Wheel Rebuild Kit Brochure
PDF / 2.15 MB
Owner's Manual - HOLLAND FW17
PDF / 2.67 MB
RK-10605 ILS Bracket Pins & Cushion Replacement Kits
PDF / 291.24 KB
RK-171-10681-R Release Handle Replacement Kit - for use on only FW17-Series Right-Hand Release Holland Fifth Wheels
PDF / 332.87 KB
17 Series Fifth Wheel Rebuild/Repair Manual
PDF / 1.52 MB
RK-171-11079 Replacement Kit - Replacement release handle for use on only FW17-Series Holland Fifth Wheels
PDF / 396.62 KB
HOLLAND Fifth Wheels Rubber Cushion Sleeve Color
PDF / 733.15 KB
Redesigned HOLLAND FW17 Fifth Wheel Model Notice
PDF / 797.11 KB
Fifth Wheel Selection Guide
PDF / 25.79 MB
HOLLAND FW17 & FW16 Sales brochure
PDF / 1.15 MB
SAF-HOLLAND Coupling and Original Parts Catalogue - FW, PH, DB, & Automatic Couplings
PDF / 10.97 MB
Spec'ing The Right Fifth Wheel
PDF / 1.67 MB
Teileübersicht - FW17E Spezifikationen
PDF / 616.68 KB
D-Value Calculation - Fifth Wheels and Kingpin
PDF / 2.45 MB
Schmiermittelfreie Sattelkupplung · FW17EK Spezifikationen
PDF / 534.64 KB
D-Wert Berechnung - Sattelkupplung und Zugsattelzapfen
PDF / 2.44 MB
HOLLAND Fifth Wheel Original Parts Catalog
PDF / 78.40 MB
Bedienungsanleitung - FW17E / FW17EK
PDF / 1.33 MB
Seasonal PM for FW17 Fifth Wheels
PDF / 287.49 KB

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