HOLLAND Gooseneck Jacks

HOLLAND Gooseneck Jacks offer enhanced lifting capacity and speedy operation in a wide range of travel lengths and static capacities for a variety of trailer applications.  

Technical data



Lift Capacities: 6,500 - 25,000 lbs. (approx. 3,000 - 11,300 kg) for single legs (double for a set) 
Static Load Capacities: 12,000 - 25,000 lbs. (approx. 5,450 - 11,350 kg) (double for a set)
Total Travel: 17 - 26”


Product information

HOLLAND Gooseneck Jacks are available in multiple model configurations including: standard crank, hand operated, dual pin foot operated and spring retracted drop leg jacks. 

Gooseneck Jacks feature: 

  • Black Armour® Corrosion Protection 

  • Multiple landing foot styles available 

  • Spring loaded retraction and non-spring loaded models 

  • High strength steel tubing and robust operation handles 

Recommended use


Black Armour® Corrosion Protection Learn more
Black Armour® Corrosion Protection Learn more


Price List: Spare Parts
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HOLLAND Trailer Jacks US and CANADA Commercial Warranty -Document Name Change from XL-WX117-01
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