The HOLLAND Severe-Duty Slider (SDS) No-Tilt mounting system converts a standard articulating fifth wheel to a rigid “no-tilt” fifth wheel. SDS No-Tilt is required for higher load capacity hauling applications that require an articulating upper coupler such as a frameless dump trailer.

Technical data



Maximum Vertical Load up to 70,000 lbs. (32,000 kg)
Maximum Drawbar Pull up to 200,000 lbs. (91,000 kg


Product information

The HOLLAND SDS No-Tilt Mounting System provides a stable surface for frameless dump trailer applications. Use with the FW70 No-Tilt Top Plate for moderate or severe-duty applications.

The SDS No-Tilt Fifth Wheel Mounting System features:

  • Inboard or outboard mounting systems with No-Tilt slider brackets
  • Multiple slider travels for weight distribution and swing clearance
  • Visual plunger lock indicators
  • 9” mounting bracket height models only
  • 200k maximum drawbar pull capacity
  • In-cab air slide release control


No-Tilt® Mounting System Learn more
No-Tilt® Mounting System Learn more


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HOLLAND Sliding Fifth Wheels Air Line Kit Instructions
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