The NEWAY ADZ Drive Axle Air-Ride Suspension for transit bus, motorcoach and motorhome applications provides maximum durability in demanding operational environments. 

Technical data



Capacity per Axle: 23,000 lbs. / 26,000 lbs. (10,433 / 11,793 kg)
Ride Heights: 8.50 - 15”


Product information

The NEWAY ADZ Air-Ride Suspension is a non-torque reactive parallelogram design that is ideal for bus applications where a high center of gravity is present for superior roll-stability. 

The ADZ Air-Ride Suspension features: 

  • One piece lower control assembly 

  • Wide spaced cast steel trailing arms for stability 

  • EZ-Align non-welded alignment 

  • Multiple configuration options available 

  • Linear roll stability for high CG applications 

  • Drive line friendly non-torque reactive parallelogram design 

  • Black Armour Corrosion Protection 

Recommended use


Black Armour® Corrosion Protection Learn more
Black Armour® Corrosion Protection Learn more


Truck and Trailer Suspensions Parts Manual
PDF / 88.74 MB
Important Information - NEWAY ADZ Suspension Shock Absorber Upgrade
PDF / 463.25 KB

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