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Biodegradable lubricant for fifth wheel couplings

SAF-HOLLAND lubricates trailers in an environmentally friendly, economical and efficient way

SAF-HOLLAND count on the high-performance lubricant HOLLAND RECOLUBE BIOPOWER SKX 023 for its RECOLUBE lubricant pump.

The biodegradable special long-life grease completes the system for automatic grease distribution on the fifth wheel plate. The independent lubrication process for fifth wheel couplings makes maintenance and operation easier, reduces operating costs and is environmentally friendly thanks to the organic quality lubricant. The product will be available from the third quarter of 2024.

SAF-HOLLAND combines its fifth wheel couplings with the RECOLUBE lubricant pump, thereby automating the lubrication process. "For fleet operators, the use of our lubricant pump quickly pays off: On the one hand, the automation eliminates manual lubrication, and on the other hand, the grease is dosed economically and precisely - commercial vehicles are therefore more economical on the road in the long term," explains Claudio Bertini Engineering Director EMEA Couplings and Fifth Wheel Couplings at SAF-HOLLAND. "With the newly developed special lubricant, we are going one step further: The biodegradable grease consists of over 80 percent renewable raw materials and is harmless to people and the environment."

Environmentally friendly, temperature and water resistant

RECOLUBE doses the grease precisely so that only the amount actually needed is used and unnecessary oils or fats no longer end up on the road. “The automatic and precise dosage of high-performance grease via the lubricant pump reduces consumption, minimizes the use of resources and protects the environment,” says Claudio Bertini Engineering Director EMEA Couplings and Fifth Wheels at SAF-HOLLAND. For its low environmental impact, the grease received the EU Ecolabel, an environmental label from the European Commission that is recognized in all EU member states. The easy biodegradability allows it to be used even in sensitive environmental areas with loss lubrication.

The special composition and viscosity make the lubricant a versatile product. In addition to fifth wheel couplings, RECOLUBE BIOPOWER SKX 023 is suitable for general vehicle lubrication and for industrial applications at low (down to -30 °C) and high temperatures (up to 110 °C). The lubricating grease therefore complies with DIN 51 502: KPFPE 2 K-30 and ISO 6743-9: L-X-CCEB 2. It has good adhesion to metallic surfaces and is characterized by its excellent water resistance. It offers optimal protection against corrosion even under high water loads. The special lubricant is available in 400 g cartridges, 25 kg buckets and 180 kg drums.

This is how the automatic grease distribution works

The permanently installed RECOLUBE system supplies fifth wheel couplings with the bio-grease independently: The pump dispenses the perfectly dosed amount of the high-performance lubricant HOLLAND RECOLUBE BIOPOWER SKX 023 via the integrated lubrication distributor and thus optimally maintains the fifth wheel coupling. Five independent pump elements with high delivery pressure bring the grease to the fifth wheel plate, where it is evenly distributed in the lubrication grooves.

Precisely coordinated lubrication plan

RECOLUBE is connected to the central on-board computer via a standard interface: Based on the precisely coordinated lubrication plan, the system regularly greases the fifth wheel plate. The lubricant level is visible at a glance in the transparent reservoir. If the grease reservoir is used up, the RECOLUBE system sends an electronic signal to the display in the cockpit. The reservoir can be refilled quickly and easily using the standard grease nipple: A standard grease gun transports the special grease into the container up to the maximum fill level. The system is then immediately ready for use again. The container holds the lubricant supply for around a year or around 100,000 kilometers driven.