YORK Demountable Kingpin "M" Rated

The YORK Demountable Kingpin “M” Rated is designed for medium and heavy-duty applications for all type of trailer combinations and applications. This Kingpin has been fully tested and validated to confirm to international standards. (AS2175, BSAU1C, Din 74080) 

Technical data



Diameter: 2” (50 mm) / 3.5” (90 mm)
Type: Demountable Kingpin type with various flange mountings 8 - 16 mm (2") / 12 - 16 mm (3.5”)
M- Rated Value: 103 kN


Product information

The main product features are:  

  • Highly controlled metallurgical composition achieved, offers excellent welding characteristics for easy installation

  • Full quality-controlled hardening process for maximum wear resistance

  • Fully tested for mechanical properties as per ADR Standards AS/NZS 4968.3 – M- Rating.  

Recommended use


M-Rating 105 kN Learn more
M-Rating 105 kN Learn more