HOLLAND Drawbar Hinge

The HOLLAND Drawbar Hinge Assembly is used in pairs to provide a 2-point hinge for vertically articulated ‘A’ frame drawbars used in heavy duty double trailer and dolly towing applications.

Technical data



Maximum Gross Trailer Weight (pair): 100,000 lbs. (43,360 kg)
Complete Assembly Weight (pair): 70.4 lbs. (31.9 kg)


Product information

The Weld-On Frame Bracket (XD-5275) and Hinge Bracket (XD-5315) are sold separately. The brackets feature a symmetrical design which allows installation in either the left-hand or right-hand hinge positions. An Equalizer Bushing Assembly (RK-1024) completes the hinge connection between the installed brackets. Approved for on/off-road towing applications. For off-road applications, reduce published capacities by 25%.

The Drawbar Hinge Assembly features:

  • Cast carbon steel frame and hinge brackets
  • Symmetrical design allows either LH or RH hinge positions
  • Hinge bracket accepts 3” sq. tubing or 3” x 4” rectangular tubing
  • Frame bracket accepts 4” sq. tubing or standard channel
  • Black Armour Corrosion Protection


Black Armour® Corrosion Protection Learn more
Black Armour® Corrosion Protection Learn more


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