SAF Swivel Landing Leg

The SAF Swivel Landing Leg is specially designed for rigid drawbar trailers.

Technical data



Lift capacity: 4,000 kg
Static load capacity: 8,000 kg
Lift: 7 mm per turn
Standard foot: Fixed foot
Mounting height / lift: 430 / 200 mm
  480 / 250 mm
  530 / 300 mm
  580 / 350 mm
  630 / 400 mm


Product information

The SAF Swivel Landing Leg for use on under-coupled central axle trailers. 

The SAF swivel Landing Gear enables a particularly high ground clearance for under-coupled center axle trailers by swiveling the leg.   

The main features are:  

  • Back plate can be bolted or welded on  
  • compact design 

Recommended use


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Labour time allowance chart for warranty repair work
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