SAF TYPE VB Parabolic Spring

The SAF VB mechanical suspension systems with 3-layers of parabolic suspension for standard applications. 

Technical data



Axle load: 9 -10 t
Aggregate load: 9 – 30 t
Track width 1830 – 2040mm
Brakes Simplex S-cam brake
  Compressed air disc brake
Offset : Offset 0 for drum brake
  Offset 120 for disc brake
Tire configuration: Single and twin tires


Product information

SAF VB mechanical suspension systems with parabolic springs have been developed for the standard axle load range and have been successfully used on roads all over the world for many years. The suspension units are appreciated for their easy installation and good driving characteristics. These axle units can be combined with the modern SAF drum and disc brake axles and are an economical and robust solution for daily use.  

The main features of the SAF VB mechanical suspension systems with parabolic springs are:   

  • Available as single axle, tandem unit or tridem unit   

  • Easily weldable axle brackets and robustly mountable power unit   

  • Can be ordered as TRILEX version


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Kit SAF Air Springs
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