The proven 36 t cast steel fifth wheel HOLLAND FW3510-TR with pneumatic operation is a special development for terminal tractors.

Technical data



Lock size: 2"
Imposed Load: 36,000 kg (23,000 kg when used in public road traffic)
D-Value: 175 kN
ECE Test no.: E11 55R-01 6172 - with manual locking in public road traffic


Product information

The HOLLAND FW3510-TR fifth wheel is designed for heavy-duty use on terminal tractors and is in continuous operation around the clock in ports and cargo terminals around the world.

 The main features are:

  • Cast from high quality steel 
  • Designed for high imposed loads and a long service life 
  • Approved for forced steering
  • Optional with electrical sensor monitoring for the locking system

Optional with additional manual locking for use in public road traffic


Air Operated Lock Release Mechanism Learn more
Air Operated Lock Release Mechanism Learn more


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