The V.ORLANDI RP90-DO is a 3.5”” 40 ton double oscillating fifth wheel, made of spheroidal graphite cast iron. It is homologated in accordance with the ECE R55 standard and is optimally adapted for off road transport.

Technical data



Lock size: 3.5”
Overall heights: 290 mm
D-Value: 260 kN
Fifth wheel load: 40,000 kg
Weight: 306 kg
Homologation: ECE R55 (Class S)


Product information

The V.ORLANDI RP90-DO 2” double oscillating fifth wheel is particularly durable and offers with many options the maximum economy in the daily transport business. This fifth wheel has a tilt angle of ± 15° and ± 12° (sidewise).  It cannot be mounted directly on the chassis, but requires a mounting plate attached to the vehicle. 

The main features of the V.ORLANDI RP90-DO are: 

  • Easy to service due to simple safe wear adjustment and low maintenance bearings 
  • Fifth wheel on pivot mounting 

  • Convertible 2” – 3.5” 

  • Double oscillating 

  • Suitable for steering wedge 

  • Double oscillation can only be used in off road. On the road this function must be blocked 

  • ECE R55 homologation


D-Wert Berechnung - Sattelkupplung und Zugsattelzapfen
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