YORK Dreadnought Bogie

The York Dreadnought is a Heavy-Duty single Pivot Spring Mechanical Suspension specifically developed for transportation of off Road medium and Heavy-Duty requirements. (Suitable for Sealed, Modern and Server Road conditions)

Technical data



Axle load: 24 - 40 t (Pending on Road and Speed)
Suspension Axle Centers: 1370 / 1410 / 1490 mm
Mounting Pedestal: Fabricated- Heavy Duty swivel Nylon Bushes
Spring Pack: Single Pivot on Flexible spring pack 115x20 mm - 2 off
Right Height: Low mount / High mount: 245 / 610 mm
Tyres: Dual; 10.00R20 / 11.00R20 / 12.00R20/24


Product information

The Heavy-Duty single Pivot Spring Mechanical Suspension is specifically developed for general transportation requirements in delivery services for HD Equipment & HD Port Container and mining applications. Most suitable for off road and dirt road condition. 

This HD Spring Mechanical Suspension Supports the following:

  • Weight preference from 24-40 tons
  • Mechanical suspensions suitable for mainly off road conditions
  • Mechanical Suspension –fitted with swivel single pivot suspension with fixed beam axles with load cap from 2 x 12 ton up to 2 x 20 ton
  • High and Low mount possibilities for Low Loader application on off road condition 


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CATALOGUE: York Trailer Spare Parts
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