SAF 50S18

The 2" kingpins of the SAF 50S18 series are the safe connection between tractor and trailer. They are type-approved safety components that are subject to the highest safety requirements.

Technical data



Diameter: 2”
Semi-trailer skid plate thickness:  16 mm
D-value:  165 kN
Pitch circle diameter:   180 mm
ECE approval:  E1 55R-01 2418
  E1 55R-01 2428 (drilled)
Mounting:  8 Hexagonal bolts


Product information

Kingpins from SAF are precisely manufactured and carefully controlled during the entire manufacturing process. This results in high-quality components for the connection between tractor and trailer. 

The following options are available

  • Drilled version for the installation of steering angle sensors
  • 2" anti-theft lock
  • Limit gauge
  • Kingpin adapter from 2" to 3.5

Recommended use


Produktübersicht: Sattelkupplungen, Königszapfen, Verschiebeeinrichtungen und Zubehör
PDF / 1.36 MB
Product Overview: Fifth Wheels and King Pins
PDF / 1.16 MB
Montageanleitung: Zugsattelzapfen
PDF / 314.69 KB
D-Value Calculation - Fifth Wheels and Kingpin
PDF / 2.45 MB
D-Wert Berechnung - Sattelkupplung und Zugsattelzapfen
PDF / 2.44 MB
Betriebsanleitung - Zugsattelzapfen 50S15 · 50S18 · 90S15 · 90S18
PDF / 970.55 KB
CATALOGUE: Original SAF-HOLLAND Spare Parts & Components
PDF / 11.61 MB
Produktübersicht: Sattelkupplungen und Königszapfen
PDF / 1.17 MB
Product Overview: Fifth Wheels and King Pins
PDF / 1.45 MB

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