SAF Swivel Axles

The SAF Swivel Axle is used in combination with the vehicle-side axle suspensions in flatbed trailers and modular vehicles. 

Technical data



Bogie load: 7 - 12 t
Track width: from 540 mm
Brakes: Drum brake SNK 300x150
SNK 367x150
Offset: Offset 55 / Offset 0
Tire configuration: Single and twin tires 


Product information

The SAF Swivel Axle with the corresponding axle suspensions on the vehicle side ensure a very large axle compensation in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle as well as in the transverse direction. This axle load compensation is gentle on the load and the road.   

The main features of SAF Swivel Axle are: 

  • Compact design  
  • Large steering angle possible  
  • Different brake sizes available  
  • Different axle loads available 

Recommended use


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