The SAF TRAKr uses recuperation to recover energy, for example to operate a cooling unit or pumps in tankers or silos.

The axle can be combined with INTRA or MODUL (in progress) air suspension.

Technical data



Axle load: 9 t INTRA , 10 t MODUL (in progress)
Track width: 2040 / 2090 / 2140 mm
Brakes: 19.5” / 22.5”
Offset: Offset 120 / single
Tyre configuration: e.g. 385/65R22.5" / e.g. 425/55R19.5"
Gearbox: 1-speed with differential
Gear ratio i=1:14
E-machine: Liquid-cooled (available):
- liquid-cooled permanent magnet machine (PSM)
- max. power: 20 kW peak power*, 16 kW continuous power*
  Air-cooled (in progress):
- air-cooled switchable reluctance machine (SRM):
- max. power: 20 kW peak power*, 16 kW continuous power*
*system-related, at 20°C ambient temperature


Product information

SAF TRAKr: Electric recuperation - power generation while driving. 
During braking or in overrun phases, the centrally located high-voltage generator unit of the SAF TRAKr converts the kinetic energy of the vehicle into electrical energy.

The main features of the SAF TRAKr are:

  • Standardized system: identical in construction to standard axles
  • Retrofitting: Retrofitting possible
  • Independent from trailer manufacturer
  • Standard wear parts for simplified spare parts supply
  • Simple maintenance: Maintenance of tires, wheel heads and brakes without dismantling the system
  • Reduction of background noise while driving
  • More efficiency through reduced loading and idle times
  • Driver-friendly and easy to operate

Recommended use:

  • Cooler
  • Silo
  • Moving Floor
  • Lifting platform
  • Transportable e-forklift

Recommended use


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