YORK Landing Leg 28 ton

This York landing  leg 28 ton is suitable for medium and heavy-duty application for all type trailer combinations and applications, heavy-duty tubular design to take full vertical loads. 

Technical data



Lift Capacity:  28 t
Static Load Capacity: 64 t
Lift in low Gear: 0.72 mm per turn
Lift in high Gear: 5.42 mm per turn
Max. Lift: 480 mm (19”)
Crank Load: 22 kg
Weight: 110 kg / set


Product information

Product features of the York landing leg 28 ton are:  

  • Landing gears designed from structural steel formed box sections for higher strength and stability under heavy load.  

  • Available is various foot options, Sand, and compensator feet.  

  • Well finished by powder coating technology for longer corrosion resistance.  


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