V.ORLANDI MY2014 with DE72

The V.ORLANDI MY2014 towbar series combined with the DE72 ball coupling is designed for IVECO Daily City Camion. This towbar/coupling combination is homologated according to ECE R55 standard. 

Technical data



Flange size:  
D-Value: 18 – 23.5 kN
S-Load (Mass load): 200 - 280 kg
Weight: 19.5 – 29.6 kg
Homologation: ECE R55  (Class F)
Drawbar eye standard: ECE R55 (class B50)


Product information

The V.ORLANDI MY2014 towbar series combined with the DE72 ball coupling is homologated according to ECE-R55 standard as class “F”. 

The main features consist of the following: 

  • This series is made of laser cut steel sheets to ensure weight reduction and assembly precision

  • Covers the entire range of models on the market (cab, van) from 2014 to 2020 and can be equipped with several accessories (electrical socket, stiffeners, etc ...)

  • The V.ORLANDI DE72 ball coupling series is homologated according to ECE-R55 standard as class “A50”. This series can be coupled with B50 coupling heads


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