The special HOLLAND FW6170 fifth wheel is designed for rail loading of craneable trailers. During rail transport in combined traffic, the fifth wheel secures the trailers on the wagon

Technical data



Lock size: 2"
Imposed Load: 15,000 kg
Overall heights: 3-times height adjustable  to 160 / 260 / 410 mm
Test no.: Current DB standards, guidelines and requirements


Product information

The HOLLAND FW6170 fifth wheel for rail loading is the perfect system solution for combined freight transport.

The main features are:

  • The coupling is quickly adjustable to three different coupling heights by means of a spindle drive
  • Fully automatic locking when loading the trailer onto the wagon
  • All functions of the coupling can be performed from both sides of the wagon 

Low maintenance, easy to operate and safe to handle


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Product Information - Lubricants
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