NoLube - Grease-free Fifth Wheels Technology

"No Lubrication" - that is behind the NoLube technology from SAF-HOLLAND. The abbreviation of the English term "No Lubrication" means: caliper plates, bearing shells, the wear ring and the lock piece do not need to be lubricated at regular intervals.   

This protects the environment and saves the user time and costs by eliminating the need to stock and apply grease.

The special NoLube wear plates on the top of the fifth wheel do not need to be greased. The same applies to the bearing shells between the fifth wheel plate and the bearing blocks.   

The components in the locking mechanism, which had to be regularly lubricated with standard fifth wheels, remain completely grease-free with NoLube technology. 

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Technology Advantages

  • Lower costs and reduced storage capacity, as no grease needs to be procured and stocked

  • Less time required for maintenance, as lubrication is not necessary

  • Environmentally friendly: grease is not released into the environment

  • No dripping grease detracts from the vehicle's appearance

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