The 36 t fifth wheel HOLLAND SK-HD 38.36 made of cast steel is the specialist for heavy-duty transportation

Technical data



Lock size: 3.5" / 2"
Imposed Load: 36,000 kg / 23,000 kg
Overall heights: 150 / 190 mm
D-Value: 260 kN
ECE Test no.: E11 55R-01 8549- (E11 55R-01 8550)


Product information

The fifth wheel HOLLAND SK-HD 38.36, proven for years, is designed for the adverse tasks in heavy-duty transport.

The main features are: 

  • Easy conversion of the locking mechanism from 3.5" to 2”
  • Simple wear adjustment - easily replaceable wear ring
  • Durable, maintenance-free bearing and optimized lubrication grooves
  • Approved for forced steering
  • Optional off-road version with cardanic bearings

Optional RECOLUBE: automatic central lubrication for MAN tractors

Recommended use


RECOLUBE Learn more
RECOLUBE Learn more


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Original SAF-HOLLAND Ersatzteile & Komponenten für Sattelzugmaschinen, Sattelauflieger und Anhänger
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Product Information - Lubricants
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