SAF Hercules

The SAF Hercules is the 24 t standard landing gear for the most common vehicle applications. 

Technical data



Lift capacity:  24,000 kg 
Static load capacity: 50,000 kg
Lift in low gear: 1 mm per turn
Lift in high gear: 12 mm per turn
Standard foot: compensator foot 
Mounting height / lift: 655 / 350 mm 
  705 / 400 mm 
  750 / 410 mm 
  800 / 460 mm 
  850 / 510 mm 


Product information

The SAF Hercules has a particularly optimized mounting height / lift ratio for the low mounting heights, thus this series can be used in low Mega semi-trailers  up to high semi-trailer tippers.     

 The main features are:  

  • Continuous 10 hole 3D back plate  

  • Various foot options  

  • Wide range of accessories  

  • Powder coating with high quality pretreatment  

  • Web-based spare part identification by QR code   

  • 3 years maintenance free  

Recommended use


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Original SAF-HOLLAND Ersatzteile & Komponenten für Sattelzugmaschinen, Sattelauflieger und Anhänger
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Product Overview: Spare part shopping per QR-Code
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