Compact Wheel Bearing Technology

The maintenance-free SAF compact wheel bearing technology is based on two tapered roller bearings of equal size. The bearings in the hub convert the translational movement of the vehicle into a rotational movement of the wheels and take over the lateral forces for guiding the vehicle. In recent years, they have become the European standard for wheel bearings in trailers. 

Wheel bearings are subjected to great stresses in daily operation, especially in multi-axle, rigid trailer axle units. They must function just as reliably at high and low temperatures as under extreme environmental influences.  

SAF-HOLLAND's compact wheel bearing technology always works reliably even under demanding conditions. The friction-optimized sealing geometry on the bearing fulfills two tasks: It holds the specially matched high-performance lubricant securely in the compact bearing and at the same time prevents environmental influences from penetrating from the outside.   

The inner bearing dimensions are designed for maximum support span. In accordance with the axle load equivalent, there is a standard variant and a wider scaled heavy-duty version. 

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Technology Advantages

  • Maintenance-free due to the encapsulated and permanently lubricated compact bearing

  • Easy assembly and replacement of the complete wheel hub

  • If necessary, simple repair by dismantling the bearing unit to preserve the value of the vehicle

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