SAF INTRA technology has already proven itself millions of times over and is particularly economical. It is based on the development of a three-dimensionally shaped functional suspension arm. The weight-optimized component is the core of SAF-HOLLAND's most successful trailer suspension system for years.

Low dead weight, freedom from maintenance and the optimum position of the brake caliper are the major challenges in the design of trailer suspension systems. In addition, there are other requirements and tasks, such as weight and rigidity of the suspension system.   

SAF-HOLLAND has succeeded in achieving a perfect design with the functional suspension arm of the SAF INTRA series for various applications in the 9t range.   

The integrated protection of the brake cylinder enables ideal positioning of the brake caliper. The welded axle integration is also maintenance-free, and the 3D bearing guarantees the best possible driving behavior.   

Precisely matched to their respective transport tasks, suspension systems with SAF INTRA technology are safe and low-wear, lightweight and yet robust. 

Solutions that are qualified for technologies
Technology Advantages

  • Functional suspension arm welded to the axle beam without maintenance   

  • Optimum position of the brake caliper and protected brake cylinder in the functional suspension arm  

  • Protected shock absorber position due to integrated installation without additional space requirement  

  • Good rolling stiffness of the chassis  

  • Various suspension arm shapes optimized for different heights  

  • Large ground clearance due to design 

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