SAF AR313 tag axle with air suspension

The SAF tag axles with air suspensions have been designed for mounting on truck chassis. These additional axles can be lifted if necessary.

Technical data



Axle load 9t-11t
Track width 1834 mm – twin
2040 mm - single 
and on request 
Brakes 19.5" disc brake 
22.5" disc brake 
420x180 drum brake 
Offset Offset 120 - Single tires 
Offset 0 for drum 
Twin tires


Product information

SAF tag axles are used when the total weight of tractors and motor vehicles is to be permanently increased. The basis for these axles is SAF's modular suspension technology and the corresponding axle series worldwide. 

SAF tag axles are characterized by:

  • Available with drum or disc brakes
  • Rigid and steered axle versions available
  • Single and dual tires