SAF Swivel Axles Bogie

The SAF Swivel Axle Bogies are developed for extreme operating conditions. The self-aligning bearings arranged in the longitudinal and transverse axles of the vehicle ensure the necessary oscillating movements, which provide optimum axle load compensation between the axles involved in the event of pronounced road irregularities. 

Technical data



Bogie load: 20 - 26 t
Track width: from 920 mm
Brakes: Drum brake SNK 300x150   
SNK 367x150   
SNK 420x200
Tire configuration: Twin tires


Product information

The robust SAF Swivel Axle Bogie for use under extremely demanding conditions has been appreciated worldwide for years. Depending on the requirements, suspensions can be offered individually.  

The main features of the SAF Swivel Axle Bogie are:   

  • Pendulum movements between +/- 10° in longitudinal direction  

  • Pendulum movements between +/- 15° in transverse direction  

  • Individually adapted to the chassis design  

  • Different brake sizes available  

  • Different axle loads available  

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