The V.ORLANDI OC50F series is a Ø 50 mm drawbar eye, which is available as a flanged, or clamped version. They are designed for steered drawbar trailers and central axle trailers. This drawbar eye is homologated in accordance with ADR & ECE R55 standard.  

Technical data



Flange size: 100x110  / 130x130  / 165x165 mm
D-Value: 200 - 330 kN
DC-Value: 135 - 140 kN
S-Load (Mass load): 1000 - 2500 kg
V-Value: 50 - 90 kN
Weight: 12.5 – 33 kg
Homologation: CRN 37742 (flanged); CRN 50460 (clamped);
ECE R55 (Class D50, S)
Drawbar eye standard: DIN 74053; ECE R55 (Class D50, S) 


Product information

The V.Orlandi OC50F drawbar eye series allows at least ± 90° steering angle and ± 20° vertical oscillation if coupled with a ECE R55 class “C50” standard coupling in accordance with DIN 74052 standard coupling.  

These drawbar eyes can be mounted on the trailer by using screws (flanged version), or by using the clamping unit (clamped version). The clamped version has the advantage, that the replacement process can be done very fast.  

The main features consist of the following: 

  • Homologated according to ECE-R55 standard as class “D50” or “S” in accordance with DIN 74053. 

  • Forged drawbar eye, strong and durable without risk of cracks and defects in the material 

  • Long service life wear bushings, easily replaceable if required 

Recommended use


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Technical Data - OC50
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Technical Data - OC50
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Technical Data - OC50
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