SAF Double Row Ball Races

SAF Double Row Ball Race Turntables are designed for connecting A-train style trailers for on-road towing applications.

Technical data



Max. Axial Load 36,000 - 45,000 lbs. (160 - 200kN)
Max. Capacity 120,000 - 135,000 lbs. (535kN - 600kN)
Weight 183 - 209 lbs. (83 - 95 kg)


Product information

SAF Double Ball Race Turntables transmit both the vertical load and drawbar pull and are particularly useful when the vehicle application requires both precision and strength in design. The lower (outer) ring is bolted to the A-frame, while the upper (inner) ring is bolted to the trailer chassis. 

The Ball Race Turntables feature:

  • Precision and strength in design attachment
  • Option of drilled or un-drilled mounting holes
  • Single row or double row grease fittings
  • Centrolube option

Recommended use


Centrolube lubrication unit Learn more
Centrolube lubrication unit Learn more


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SAF Ball Race Turntables Sales Brochure
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