The V.ORLANDI KIT CO01420 is a pneumatic remote opening system “Kinetrol”. 

It makes it possible, to easily open the coupling by an on the outside of the vehicle frame assembled control box. The coupling situation will be shown by a “red”, or a “green” LED light inside the control box. This system is easy to adapt and is applicable to the complete E57 coupling series. 

Technical data



Suitable for: E57 
Hose/wire lenght: endless 
Approx. dimensions mechanic system: see documentation
Approx. dimensions pneumatic box: see documentation


Product information

The V.ORLANID KIT CO01420 is a pneumatic remote kit for several couplings. It is easy to adapt to the couplings and the control box can be assembled on the outside of the vehicle.  

  • Retrofit  

  • Suitable for the E57 coupling series   

  • Easy to assemble 

  • A special designed control box protects the pneumatic system

  • A metal plate protects the system from damages  

  • LED lights show, if the coupling is closed or open 


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Plug & Play Technology Learn more


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