The V.ORLANDI KIT CO01800 is a mechanical remote opening system.

It enables to easily open the coupling through an on the outside of the vehicle frame assembled control lever. This system is easy to adapt and is applicable to the several coupling series.

Technical data



Suitable for: E50 / E525 / E550 / EH50 / E551 / EH45
Hose/wire lenght: 1500 mm
Approx. dimensions mechanic system: see documentation
Approx. dimensions pneumatic box: see documentation


Product information

The V.ORLANDI KIT CO01800 is a mechanic remote kit for several couplings. It is easy to adapt to the couplings and the hand lever can be assembled on the outside of the vehicle.

  • Retrofit
  • Suitable for the several coupling series   
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact hand lever


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