SAF Drop Leg

The SAF Drop Leg for the support of parking semi-trailers 

Technical data



Static load capacity: 15,000 kg per leg
Standard foot rigid sand plate
Mounting height / lift: 750 / 635 mm


Product information

The lightweight SAF Drop Leg is a solution for easy support of parked semi-trailers, with particularly fine gradation in drop heights.   

The main features are:  

  • Graduation in 1 inch (25.4mm) increments 
  • Easy to handle  
  • Foot with large contact area 

Recommended use


Produktübersicht: SAF Fallstütze
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Product Overview: Landing Gear
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Product Overview: SAF HERCULES · SAF HERCULES COMPACT · SAF Drop Leg · SAF Swivel Landing Gear
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Produktübersicht: SAF HERCULES · SAF HERCULES COMPACT · SAF Fallstütze · SAF Schwenkstütze
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Owner´s Manual - Landing Gear - SAF Titan / Titan Pro · SAF Atlas · SAF Drop Leg
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Betriebsanleitung - SAF Hercules · SAF Fallstütze
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Owner´s Manual - SAF Hercules / SAF drop leg
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Betriebsanleitung - SAF Titan / Titan Pro · SAF Atlas · SAF Fallstütze
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Betriebsanleitung - SAF Titan / Titan Pro · SAF Atlas · SAF Classic
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Price List: Spare Parts
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CATALOGUE: Original SAF-HOLLAND Spare Parts & Components
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Important Info - HOLLAND TrueLube Landing Gear Grease Product Enhancement Notice
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