TRILEX Wheel System

The TRILEX wheel system allows the tire to be changed on the road without mechanical assistance, by dismantling the rim. Quickly and securely  in any place.

Technical data



Rim sizes: 20 / 22.5 / 24"
Tires: Single or twin tires
for tires with inner tube


Product information

The TRILEX wheel system consists of a TRILEX wheel spider and the removable TRILEX rim, whose individual segments are simply clamped to a precise stop. This enables tire changing without mechanical assistance.   

The main features are: 

  • Easy and safe wheel change by hand  

  • Low tightening torques of the wheel bolts  

  • Good ventilation of the brake for longer running performance   

  • In use for years on towing and towed vehicles, mainly off road.  

  • High quality tools for easy mounting

Recommended use


TRILEX Technology Learn more
TRILEX Technology Learn more