YORK Heavy Duty 13-16t

These Heavy Duty 13-16t axle range consist of products specifically developed for medium and heavy transportation requirements. 

Technical data



Axle load: 13 - 16 t
Track width: 1600 - 2650 mm
Brakes: 311x178 / 420x180 / 420x220 mm, p-type and quick release type brake shoes
Tyre configuration: Dual / Single
Beam: Round 5"/16 mm, 5"/19 mm, 5"/25 mm,
  Square 6"/14 mm, 6"/16 mm
Bearing: TM / TP & TQ Bearing tapered/parallel spindle (TM = 65/90; TP = 90/90: TQ = 90/100)
Wheel attachment: 10x335 PCD / 10x225 PCD


Product information

These heavy-Duty axles are specifically developed for general medium and heavy transportation requirements in delivery services. Highway, modern and off-road use.  

These axles support the following: 

  • Suitable for use with mechanical suspension / HD air suspension for all general and special use trailer designs.  


Preload Bearing Technology Learn more
Preload Bearing Technology Learn more

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