The lightweight 6 t HOLLAND GC 6 fifth wheel made of spheroidal graphite cast iron was specially developed for weight-optimized distribution and volume transport.

Technical data



Lock size: 2"
Imposed Load: 6,000 kg
Overall heights: 120 mm
D-Value: 49 kN
ECE Test no.: E11 55R-01 6737


Product information

The HOLLAND GC6 fifth wheel is specially designed for light commercial vehicles, such as recreational vehicles and event vehicles up to 7.5 t

The main features are:

  • Comfortable single hand operation with integrated locking device
  • Low-maintenance bearing of the saddle plate
  • Compatible wear parts are cross-series
  • Approved for forced steering

Optional: connection of a long-term lubricant dispenser possible


Single Handed Operation Learn more
Single Handed Operation Learn more


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